Planning A Fun Day With An Inflatable Rental

Are you planning a fun day for the special people in your life? If you are, you should consider looking into an inflatable rental in Malaysia. These fun toys are not only exciting for kids, but adults love them, too. Plus, there are other benefits to choosing an inflatable for your fun, family day. Learn why you should consider inflatable rental malaysia for your gathering.

First of all, there are different options to choose from. With inflatable rentals, you can choose such fun activities as jumping on a bounce around type toy. You can also choose water activities or slides, and so much more. No matter what type of gathering you are planning, you are sure to find an inflatable or two that your crowd will enjoy. The only problem is you may have a hard time choosing from so many exciting options.

Another benefit to renting a fun activity for your day is that people of all ages can enjoy inflatables. Anyone from a couple years old to grandparents can enjoy the fun toy. It is safest and best for only a limited number of people to use the inflatable at a time, but by setting rules, everyone who is able to play will have fun and be safe playing on an inflatable.

Are you still wondering why you should rent an inflatable? There are more benefits. An inflatable is not only fun for all ages, but it can be good exercise for everyone, too. Depending on the one you choose, you and your guests will enjoy jumping, running, playing, climbing, and more on the toy. This is a great way to get your heart rate up and keep yourself healthy. Who said being healthy wasn’t fun?!

These fun rentals are also healthy because you can use them outside. Being outside is great for your lungs and your whole body. You are able to breathe in the healthy, clean air and enjoy what nature has to offer. Also, having an outdoor event allows you more room for your guests and you won’t have to clean your house before the party starts, or after it.

Renting inflatables is also a cost effective option. Since many people can play on the toys, you are able to entertain several people for very little money. Renting an inflatable is a smart money saving option when you compare it with other choices for gatherings. Since people of all ages will enjoy playing on the inflatable, you do not have to look for several options for different ages of your guests.

As you can see, there are many benefits to considering inflatable rental in Malaysia. You and your guests of all ages can enjoy a healthy activity during your event. You can enjoy the fresh, outside air while knowing that your entertainment option is cost effective. For your next fun day, you should consider an inflatable that is sure to please all of your guests, your health, and your wallet.

Information About Company Annual Dinners

What is a company annual dinner and why would you want to host one? If you want to find out the answer to these questions, then read on. We will answer those questions for you and provide you with other useful information.

annual-dinner-party-200x3001. What Is A Company Annual Dinner- As the name implies, a company annual dinner is just that, a dinner that takes place annually and consists of a company hosting a dinner for its employees and their families. However, sometimes a company dinner may only consist of people who work for the company and only people who work at the company. The company dinner may only be for specific employees, such as high-level managers. Those are just a few examples of who might attend a company dinner, as well as what an annual company dinner is.

2. When To Have It- If you run a company, then you may be wondering when should you have your annual company dinner, and the answer depends on a few factors. Generally speaking, anytime of the year is a good time to hose an annual company dinner, but if you want to have a specific type of theme, then try to have the dinner around a major holiday, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and so forth. If theme doesn’t matter to you, then you can host the dinner at any point of the year.

3. Why Have An Annual Company Dinner- There are a lot of different reasons why you should have an annual company dinner, with one of them being that it is a great way to show your employees that you appreciate all of the hard work that they do throughout the year. Also, if you run a very large company and have quite a few managers and executives underneath you, then you can host a company dinner that only managers and executives attend, and then everyone can discuss what is going on with the company, what the future of the company looks like and things of that nature. These are just a few reasons why you would want to throw a company annual dinner.

4. Creating A Menu- Creating a menu can be difficult to do, as it takes a lot of thought and effort to create a balanced menu that will cater to everyone. If you do not have time to create a menu or prepare all of the food, then consider hiring a catering company. A catering company can help make sure your company dinner is one that nobody will soon forget and they will create a great menu for you, as well as prepare the food. Hiring a catering company can take a lot of stress off of you.

Now that you know more about annual company dinners, you should consider hosting one. Just choose the date you want to have it on, give people plenty of notice and then hire a catering company. If you do these things, as well as keep the above information in mind, then you will soon be hosting a great company dinner.

Why Team Building Is More Important Than Ever In Malaysia

In the modern Malaysian work environment, collaboration is becoming more important than ever before. Completing projects successfully and meeting ambitious goals requires workers to operate as effective members of a team. They need to give each other the support they need to reach their maximum potential and be as productive as possible.

In many offices in Malaysia, these vital collaborative skills are difficult to build on the job. Everyone in the office, from the lowliest employees to the senior managers, is dealing with a heavy workload. There’s little time to devise training exercises that encourage better team skills. This is why getting a Malaysia team Building Package is more convenient.

Most workers cultivate considerable skills in the tasks they have to perform on a daily basis. When they’re thrown into a group context, though, they need to exercise an entirely new set of skills with far more flexibility. The basic talent for contributing meaningfully on a group project is something that can be taught, and this is the key benefit offered by companies that provide team building training.

These companies have a great deal of experience helping professionals all over Malaysia cultivate better collaborative skills. Workers learn how to operate outside the boundaries of their basic job descriptions and work together with their coworkers in order to achieve ambitious goals.

The key to effective team building exercises is to encourage individual workers to stop thinking solely of their own performance and to start identifying with a team. The best way to do this is to leap into teamwork right away, treating individual workers as team members from the very beginning.

Team building experts can help a wide range of organizations, not just businesses. Many non-profit groups, educational organizations, and sports teams have benefited from the guidance provided by talented team builders.

Getting in touch with a few different team building companies is a great way to develop an understanding of the wide array of possibilities available to Malaysian companies. Sample team building exercises include rafting, drum circles, scavenger hunts, wall climbing, obstacle courses, and mountain climbing.

A successful team building course is designed to forge strong bonds between the individuals assembled into each team. The professionals staging the course monitor each team closely to ensure they’re deriving the maximum benefit from the experience. Games and other activities can be adjusted “on the fly” to address new issues as they come up.

Team building is usually quite fun for the participants, but there is a deeper purpose. The process is all about cultivating strong character and good collaborative skills. Encouraging participants to concentrate on team success rather than individual achievement imparts a powerful lesson about the importance of working together.

The many benefits that team building activities provide are more than enough to justify their expense for most business leaders. Wise managers look at the time and money spent on team building as an important investment in the company’s future. This is why more and more business leaders in Malaysia are calling on the services of expert team builders every day.

Here Are Events An Event Planner Can Plan

One day you will need to hire an event planner. You might be wondering what can they help you plan, and the answer to that questions is many things. Here are a few of types of events an event planner can help plan for you.

corporate-events1. Plan Corporate Events- Do you run a corporation or small business and have great employees working for you? Do you want to reward them because if you do, then why not leave it to a professional event planner, who can handle every aspect of your corporate event. They can focus on all of the finer details about your event, while you can stay focus on running your business.

wedding-reception2. Weddings And Receptions- Your wedding and the reception that follows afterwards is a big deal, and you want everything perfect, but it is easy to overlook many things while planning your own wedding and reception. An event planner can handle all of the major details and minor details associated with your wedding and reception, which means you can rest assure that your big day will go as smooth as possible. You have other things to be worrying about, so let an event planner handle everything for you.

reunion-dinner3. They Can Handle Reunions- Do you want to plan a family, work, school or another kind of reunion? If you do, let an event planner take care of it for you, as they can plan these types of events too. You want your reunion to be impressive and you want to make sure everyone has a great time that they will remember for years to come. This is why you should hire an event planner who can help you plan a great reunion that everyone will love.

4. They Can Plan Other Events- Asides from the events previously discussed, they can help you plan many other types of events, so if you have an event you are considering throwing, then consult with an event planner. You might be surprised at just how easy they can make things for you. All you have to do is choose the right planner for your needs and they will take care of the rest, and before you know it, you will have a great event being thrown for everyone to enjoy.

There you have it, a list of some of the events that an event planner can work on, but remember that they can work on many other types of events, and not just the ones discussed throughout this article. The best thing to do is to start looking into event planners in your area and finding one that specializes in the types of event you want to have thrown, but make sure you contact a few of them first and ask them questions about their services and choose the event planner who you feel the most comfortable with. If you do these things, then you will soon find the perfect planner to work with you to make sure that the event your throw is memorable and enjoyable.

Why Event Management Sydney is a Growing Industry

Event management Sydney companies are springing up one after the other, and there are no signs of the industry slowing down. According to industry observers, this should be expected given the number of services they can provide. By paying a small fee you can have a skilled, professional event manager take care of the function.

Meeting the Needs of the Market

Sydney- city viewSydney event planners are not limited to providing assistance for one type of occasion or function. These days they offer services ranging from weddings, conferences, concerts and trade shows. If you’re planning to hold seminars, expositions, corporate parties and conventions, event managers can be of valuable assistance as well. Basically what an event manager does is organize and arrange the event according to your chosen theme.

It doesn’t matter if your event is public or private, as Sydney event planners will provide you with a professional team of planners who know event planning inside out. In short, an event planner provides assistance from beginning to end.

Available Services

Event planners work in close coordination with clients so aspects like food arrangements, marketing, and decorations and so on are handled properly. While the event planner and his team takes care of the details, you are consulted every step of the way so the event comes out as planned.

event planner kiki

An event planner also coordinates with clients with regards to the promotion, all the while ensuring you don’t go over the budget. It’s for these reasons why event planners have become so popular in Sydney. When organizing a large function, it’s all too easy to get lost or confused with all the details, so why not let an event planner take care of the details?

It should be emphasized that the event planners don’t take over the planning, but instead work hard to ensure your plans come out right. Not only will they provide suggestions, but they’re ready and willing to listen to any suggestions you have in mind. The goal of event management Sydney, in other words,is to allow clients to focus more on their business and other important matters while they handle the event.

Your Guide to Choosing the Best Event Venue

The venue can make or break the success of any event. Even if you serve the best tasting food or prepare the most extravagant entertainment for your guests, if your venue is “blah” then it’s going to be the one thing that your guests will always remember about your event.

Venue selection should therefore be your top priority. It’s one of the first things an event company should do because researching possible destinations and negotiating on the price can be quite a challenge.

Take a look at the following tips to help you choose the best venue for your event.

Tip 1: Location, location, location.

So let’s say you’re very eager to impress your guests. You want only the best venue possible and you’ve set your eyes on a 5-star beach resort 60 miles away. While it’s good that you want to impress your guests, no one will exactly want to drive for an hour and a half just to attend your party, right?


Choose a location that’s convenient for everyone, and pick the best venue you can afford in that area.

Tip 2: Be flexible.

If you’re planning to hold an event on Christmas Eve, you’ll need a miracle to find a venue that can accommodate you on this date. You must be flexible with your selected dates and as much as possible, avoid the peak season so you can book a nice venue with a better rate.

Tip 3: Check the size.

The one thing you DON’T want to do is book a venue that can accommodate 50 guests when you’re expecting a hundred attendees. Conversely, you don’t want to book a grand ballroom if you’ll only have no more than 100 guests coming. Choose a venue that’s just big enough for all your guests.

Tip 4: Inquire about the amenities.

The amenities an event will need depends on what type of event it is. What you need for meetings and conferences differ from the amenities and facilities required for formal sit down dinners and company parties. Make sure the venue you choose has the amenities you need for your event.

Tip 5: Visit potential venues before making a decision.

We always recommend that you personally visit the venue and check out all the facilities they have first before deciding. Ask about the previous events that were hosted there so you’ll know if they have experience hosting events similar to yours. Check if the staff is professional, courteous and helpful too.


Take all these things into consideration before you make a decision. Keep in mind that choosing a venue is a lot harder than it seems so you have to dedicate some time for it. Doing it in a rush is a very, very bad idea.

If at all possible, choose your venue a year ahead of your event. That way, you’ll have a lot of time and options to consider.

If you have neither the time, the experience or the patience to choose a venue for your company’s event, we recommend you hire an event organizer such as in Malaysia to handle this task for you. An experienced professional planner knows exactly where you can find the best venue for your event.

How to Plan a Corporate Gala Dinner Event

In a perfect world, planning a corporate gala dinner would be a breeze. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and a lot of things could go wrong when planning black tie events for your company.

planning-discussion-for-gala-dinnerThe good news is, you don’t have to be an expert to be able to make your gala dinner successful. You just have to follow certain guidelines to the letter, and you’ll be all set. Here are some tips gather from this event planning company while working with them.

So let’s get started, shall we?

Step 1: Determine your purpose.

Before you even start planning, you have to first determine the purpose of the gala dinner. What are you celebrating the occasion for? Who are your guests? Is it just your company’s employees and VIPs, or are you also inviting clients, suppliers, distributors, and customers? What is your objective for this event?

Every other step in this planning process will revolve around the purpose of the gala so make sure this aspect has been addressed before moving forward.

Step 2: Form a committee.

Obviously, you can’t organize a gala on your own so you need others to help out too. Since this is a company event, you can ask the people in your department or other departments to be part of the committee.

Step 3: Analyze costs.

Your committee (which you’re part of, of course) should sit down and decide on the budget. Usually, your company will give you a ballpark figure of how much they are willing to spend for the event and you have to work within this budget. However, if your planning team thinks the budget is too low, you can send a proposal or a request asking for a bigger budget.

Step 4: Set the date.

The thing is, you’ll need to have several possible dates before you can decide on the date for the gala dinner. This is because you have to consider the availability of the venue, the guests, the speakers, and so on.

Step 5: Choose your venue.


Once you’ve picked several dates, decide on the venue and then call them to check if they’re booked on the dates you’ve chosen. When choosing your venue, take into consideration factors such as the number of guests you’ll have, the theme of the event, the location of the venue, the costs, and even the facilities and amenities they have.

Step 6: Decide on who the emcee and key note speakers will be.

This is an important decision to make. The emcee can set the tone for the gala dinner so you have to choose carefully. He must have a pleasant voice, a great personality and most of all, he must know how to keep the audience entertained.

Your choice of speakers, on the other hand, will depend on the theme of your gala. As a general rule, the speakers invited to gala dinners are highly accomplished and well respected individuals in your community who inspire and motivate others to do great things.

Step 7: Create a to-do list.

This list should include the tasks that need to be done days before the event as well as on the night itself. You can assign to-do lists to each member of your committee, such as assigning a person to take care of the food and drinks to be served, the gifts that will be given to the speakers, awardees, and guests, the venue decorations, as well contacting a photographer and videographer to document the entire event.

Planning and organizing a gala dinner is a gargantuan undertaking. It takes months and even a year of planning to ensure its success. It also entails a lot of stress and frustration, and there’s never a guarantee of absolute success.


So unless you’re 100% committed to spearheading your gala dinner and have all the time in the world to put into this endeavor, you might be better off hiring a professional event management company such as to take care of all the dirty work for you. It may cost you money but at the very least, you can expect a MUCH better outcome than if you did everything yourself.

Planning a FUN Team Building Event for Your Company

It’s been a tough year. Your employees are stressed out and unmotivated, and things aren’t exactly going well in the office. But as the manager or business owner, it’s your job to keep the spark alive within your employees. It’s your job to inspire them, and encourage them to work together to achieve your company’s goals.

And this is why you need to organize a team building activity.

According to eEssence, team building program is more than just creating a treasure hunting activity in your office or playing a team sport. It has to be fun, enlightening, inspiring, and meaningful.


Many experts say the best team building activities are held away from the office so your employees can completely relax and forget about the headaches in the workplace. So let’s help you plan a fun outdoor team building activity that everyone will enjoy.

Get the Word Out

Even if you don’t have a plan laid out yet, you need to let your employees know about the event that’s happening soon. Getting the word out will get them excited. Create some hype. Tell them that it will be a stress-free day outside the office and everyone is going to have lots of fun!

Set Your Budgetset-budget

As the manager or business owner, only you can determine how much you should spend for the activity. But keep in mind that a successful team building will pay for itself. With happy employees working together as a cohesive unit, productivity will increase and that translates to more profits for your company.

Choose the Venue and Activities

The venue for your activity is crucial and your choice should be dependent on factors such as your budget, location, size of participants, and your objectives for the event.

team-building-venueIf you can afford to go abroad, go ahead. If you think a weekend retreat in some remote mountain resort is what your team needs, go ahead. If you would rather engage in physical activities such as trekking, kayaking, and river rafting, that’s fine too.

The important thing is to choose activities that will best serve your purpose for the event. Here are some key questions to ask:

  • Do you want your employees to be relieved of their work related stress?
  • Do you want them to bond and to strengthen their camaraderie?
  • Do you want to inspire them, challenge them or re-invigorate them?

These things have to be taken into consideration when deciding on what activities to do and where to hold the event.

The success of your event will depend on how meticulous you are with every detail. Planning ahead gives you a lot of time to ensure everything goes exactly as planned and leaves little room for mistakes.

Naturally you want everyone to enjoy themselves so you need to keep them in mind during the planning process. Do you think they would like the activities you’ve picked? Is the venue conducive for your employees? Is your budget enough? Will the event give you the results you’re aiming for?

Sometimes planning a team building event can be a complicated process. This is especially true if you have no experience in handling this kind of activity.

It’s always a good idea to seek the help of an expert to ensure a positive outcome. So, if you want your event to benefit your company and your employees, entrust it in the hands of professional event organizers.

When you have a real expert taking care of every aspect of your event, you achieve your objectives. Moreover, your employees will also have the fun and enjoyment they so badly need. Everyone wins.

Event Management Software Solutions To Boost Attendance

If you are part of the event management field, you need to make sure that you remain focused and organized at all times. This will make a world of difference, especially when it comes to putting together a budget, working with all of your vendors, keeping track of a guest list and much more. Today, it has become a whole lot easier to take care of all of your important event planning and management information with the introduction of online event management solutions. As a matter of fact, many people have found that using this simple program will help them to get a higher level of attendance overall.


When using an online event management system, event managers of all levels are able to easily and quickly add to invite lists, send out email invitations to their guests, put together quick event reminders and then even print out name tags. These name tags are able to be printed easily and are great for helping during check in for the event. In addition to all of these things, the program is also able to help event planners to gather feedback from guests and create helpful surveys.

event-management-softwareIf you are a planner, you will see that the ability to share important information online pertaining to the event will be extremely helpful. Guests are able to access the information on their smart phones or tablets and you can even check in the guests at the event by using your tablet. In some situations, if the need is there, you are even able to get alerts on your smart phone if you happen to have a VIP guest that arrives.

Data driven applications such as this are becoming very popular with many business and large universities alike. By having all of the information in one central location, you can go about event planning while using a program that is going to organize, drive attendance and bring about a lot of buzz about the event that you are trying to put together. When you have the ability to simplify like this, it really takes a lot of the headaches out of event management. There are many cases where a company, school or group have been able to save a whole lot on event costs while driving up attendance and even freeing up other onsite resources for an overall benefit to anyone who is involved in the online solutions.